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Swiss watch movement manufacturer ETA finale Brief History

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We take a look inside the industry to try the bureaucratic consciousness are going to react. Essentially, there are two very different ways on this issue. Some people say that what is happening now is possible (they say, is likely to be) eventually lead to a crisis similar to the quartz crisis. The reason is that if small brands can not obtain ETA movement (other indispensable components, and more importantly, Nivarox gossamer), then the brand will “cease to exist.” Some people say that in the long run, this will help in the industry by eliminating those who have to rely on easy and comfortable infrastructure companies, effectively avoiding any advertising and marketing alternative investments and consumption.

Of course, not everyone can come up with 5-10 ten thousand francs to invest, but then again the group’s intentions have been clear long ago. Politics aside, the Swiss watch industry as actual management or strategic reactions such as brand are varied. Some small and large businesses have already decided to start to develop their own more or less some of the achievements of the movement. These brands often work together. Some belong to the same group and the group’s management requires a luxury brand portfolio to “help” another. We will see some independent brands unite their forces to share the costs associated, while other brands will be looking for other major suppliers, such as Sellita, Soprod, Vaucher manufacturer or trying to make a spontaneous movement of the replica watches china brands (such as Zenith , Jaeger LeCoultre, Girard-Perregaux, etc.) later movement. Finally, get a solid foundation for movement from Dubois-Depraz, Vaucher manufacturers, Fleuier as well as other manufacturers and make improvements to meet the unique needs and use different modules.
Swiss rolex replica watches movement manufacturer ETA finale Brief History
Today ETA

In short, we can say, the late Nicolas Hayek want the right decision for the Swatch Group, either will or will not supply movements and components. He believes this will help his team and the long-term interests of the entire industry. He repeatedly explained his purpose, he suggested that the brand to focus on manufacturing their own parts and movement, rather than financing marketing activities and ambassador.

Having said that, not everyone can get out ETA “circle of trust.” Watchtime magazine quoted him in August 2010 saying: “We will continue our commitment to sell the movement to the traditional watch manufacturer customers, but the development in the past few years the industry in the wrong direction, forcing us to deal with now facing output problems. “This means that the Group will continue to sell part of several external companies (most of them are those who have put in to do their own movements and in the future there will be supply brands such as Patek Philippe, will continue to get gossamer and Tudor from NIVAROX still It will be from ETA movement). But the group will not be sold to everyone from now on, anyone.

I think one of the main reasons for the strong protest, in the past 25–30 years, we have been hearing from the industry to enjoy comfort and convenience it brings. A large number of non-Swatch brand is totally dependent on ETA or NIVAROX did not seriously put into a separate brand on. However, things have not appeared, a sudden has become a harsh reality irreversible.

Affected brand will continue to be left to rely on a single external supplier of banal way, to the development of the following two ways. Their first choice is to work together to create a new situation of enterprises, redistribution of contact movement and the different components supply. The second option is to fight on their own, invested heavily to create brand their manufacturing capabilities – but it will cost them more resources and time.

In addition, the previous supplier as Sellita ETA ETA movement demonstrated in large-scale production of clones is very capable. Because patent protection is no longer applicable, anyone with industrial skills can copy any patents have expired old technologically movement ETA. Thus, although it is unclear whether the company will continue Sellita and innovation, but they should at least be able to meet demand ETA movement clone a chunk.

Everything is taken into account more sustainable future with a more real intrinsic value. I am very pleased to see the next 5 – 10 years will bring what kind of change, because the current situation will inevitably force the luxury goods group, major and minor companies, upscale, more fashion brands are either invested in technology to develop their own movements and components or purchase from the company has new technology and movement. This will force the industry to invest more development and innovative thinking. ETA is no longer tenable as we are eager to see the next few years will bring us is to enter the high-end watch movements of the mass production stage. This is no longer about ETA, and it is about the whole industry. And I think this is part of Nicolas Hayek wanted to achieve.

Since 1856 as “Dr. Girard & Schild,” the creation, ETA has been the integration of large and small Swiss manufacturer of practically unlimited amount of. This unique past so that the company gained valuable knowledge and experience and the participants, and convert it to save and revitalize the organization ultimately responsible for the Swiss omega replica watches industry. Although several key roles played in the early 20th century, but in the next few years, destined to make more space for others to develop, and ultimately create a more diversified watch-making world. There are several with a rich history and tradition unique watch manufacturer, but if there is something memorable, that ETA SA was highly admired and downs of history, countless success stories as well as some legendary The most serious crisis of the 20th century.

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak GMT Watch China

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica watches china concept was first launched in 2002. 25980AI.OO.0003SU.01 is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Royal Oak launched the iconic 150 limited edition watches. This is the first time the production of Royal Oak to contain the Alacrite 602 and 430 Vickers hardness and titanium bezel and a conceptual sculpture shaped casing. The Alacrite 602 superalloy materials by 57% of cobalt, 31% chromium, 5% of tungsten and carbon, and the remaining 6% is made of silicon and iron.

This is the first feature Royal Oak Tourbillon, it does not provide functionality GMT. replica watches china Alternative GMT is dynamograph, power reserve indicator is cylindrical to represent. In 2008, Audemars Piguet presents the Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph Carbon, and in 2011 they released only the Royal Oak GMT Tourbillon watch with titanium case and with black ceramic bezel with two tourbillon and GMT Time function.

This watch is like a Royal Oak concept watch, it has a chiseled profile case, measuring 44 mm in diameter, thickness of 16.05 mm, super-hard ultra-light titanium quality. In order to enhance its ultra-dynamic and avant-garde look, watch assembly fiber strap, folding clasp or a perfect match black ceramic bezel and crown integrated black rubber strap.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak GMT Tourbillon 26560IO.OO.D002CA.01 dial hollow, 3 o’clock position of the second time zone display, the crown positioned at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock Tourbillon go with black anodized aluminum tourbillon bridge plate, black ceramic central deck, Bai Jinhuang home to oak pointer and? fake watches china black anodized aluminum inner bezel. Overall shaped like an hourglass. To complement the stunning design of this watch, Audemars Piguet at 4 o’clock position of this watch can press enter to install a dual-time zone toggle button. Providing GMT display, second time zone in two overlapping discs, it is easy to tell the time. The two small dial of this watch in a second time zone with a window at 3 o’clock indicates the time in 12-hour format. Why is it there are two dish? Both are 12-hour format, a black (for PM-fold) and a white (for AM-fold). So, you get the morning or afternoon of the second time zone, or you can contact your local time AM / PM use it coincident indicators, but this is not GMT watch with a 24-hour time.

We can see through the back through the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak GMT Tourbillon watch with a hand-wound movement -calibre 2913, the front and back are Audemars Piguet treated sapphire crystal glass, without any unnecessary reflected glare , and has excellent anti-reflection coating. The movement to ensure that the 10 days power reserve – 21600 Hz frequency, tourbillon one rotation every 60 seconds. Framework consists of 85 components, it weighs only 0.45 grams. An experienced watchmaker takes three days assembling 85 components – two full days just install cage- and two weeks to assemble the 291 other components, and is equipped with 29 gems.

If you are used to buy the best things in life, you might do a Ferrari F12 berlinetta sports car, wrist with Audemars Piguet Royal Oak GMT and fake rolex china Tourbillon watch 26560IO.OO.D002CA.01. Only Audemars Piguet Royal Oak GMT Tourbillon price with Ferrari as absolute top, almost the same time the price of this one small two products. For that price, small series can only express Oh.
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Rolex 2014 live coverage of the new China Shanghai Exhibition

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[2014.7.5 Shanghai] Rolex 2014 New Shanghai Exhibition – love the table special and July 5 afternoon and a half beginning, TX No registration will all be present, for various reasons it did to the TX Unfortunately, even honor BaselWorld colleague went to have no opportunity to see the kind (although there is no movement) – just across the window glances Bale. To this end, I specifically asked about the Rolex brand colleagues, they said we can re-arrange their own time to contact the Rolex official appointment, and then explain to love the table family members.

Last year also participated in Rolex’s replica watches china new exhibition, where the environment is not so strange, process is also the same as last year. TX did not come all know, can not be one to one. sunboy, michen80, Lee version which several large coffee is a big celebrity forum, do not I do introduction.

After explaining and browse by Rolex Rolex 2014 new colleagues at the table to show all the new year all the presents for everyone tried to take photographs. I would also like to take this with you to talk about my new year’s Rolex view:

Blu-ray Disc Milgauss
Green and blue plate glass, a lot of love table family members include sunboy including during Basel, both to see is in the window, or picture, we have been this color “scared” to. Everyone guess in the end what will be the blue-green mix effect, generally view is to see decline. But on the 5th spot reaction, I was not scared, but feel somewhat amazing. Physical effects much better than the pictures, I do not know whether @ blue mint interested to see what kind?

Pepsi ring Greenwich type