Rolex 2014 live coverage of the new China Shanghai Exhibition

[2014.7.5 Shanghai] Rolex 2014 New Shanghai Exhibition – love the table special and July 5 afternoon and a half beginning, TX No registration will all be present, for various reasons it did to the TX Unfortunately, even honor BaselWorld colleague went to have no opportunity to see the kind (although there is no movement) – just across the window glances Bale. To this end, I specifically asked about the Rolex brand colleagues, they said we can re-arrange their own time to contact the Rolex official appointment, and then explain to love the table family members.

Last year also participated in Rolex’s replica watches china new exhibition, where the environment is not so strange, process is also the same as last year. TX did not come all know, can not be one to one. sunboy, michen80, Lee version which several large coffee is a big celebrity forum, do not I do introduction.

After explaining and browse by Rolex Rolex 2014 new colleagues at the table to show all the new year all the presents for everyone tried to take photographs. I would also like to take this with you to talk about my new year’s Rolex view:

Blu-ray Disc Milgauss
Green and blue plate glass, a lot of love table family members include sunboy including during Basel, both to see is in the window, or picture, we have been this color “scared” to. Everyone guess in the end what will be the blue-green mix effect, generally view is to see decline. But on the 5th spot reaction, I was not scared, but feel somewhat amazing. Physical effects much better than the pictures, I do not know whether @ blue mint interested to see what kind?

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