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China Breitling men’s watch recommend the entry level

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Both sides of the anchor pair plump wings, constitute a unique testimony marked Breitling replica watches china countless glorious moment, but also on behalf of the ocean from the sky to the land until, Breitling series of progressive and innovative pursuit of excellence. For it, most men are not unfamiliar, known as “Air computers” Breitling, not only is the pioneer in the field of air time in the aerobatic community, is truly a large coffee. Breitling sponsored the world’s largest professional civilian jet aerobatic team, to be held in dozens of air shows in Europe every year. In fact, he said so much, just sketchy small series of Breitling express admiration, the next Xiaobian to introduce several entry-level Breitling watches, to let more people into the love Breitling watch time hall .

1, Ocean series Breitling A1738811 / C906 / 173A Watches
Breitling replica china
When it comes to diving watch may, most people would first think such Kelpie 116,610 replica watches, Omega Seamaster replica and the like, but after all, the budget is very important, besides Kelpie what is often not available. The Breitling Ocean series is almost Shuigui launch and not separated by long time, so as the entry-level watches, COLT this small series strongly recommended. Whether workmanship or material, A1738811 / C906 / 173A are doing satisfactory, 44mm stainless steel case, blue dial with luminous hour markers, water depth reaches 200 meters, 3 o’clock position with a calendar window, Satin decorated with four Breitling watch Marked bezel matte bezel indicator, not only to ensure the optimum rotation handling, but also effectively protect the double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal. Tight end table back, equipped with 17 automatic movement Breitling offers 40 hours of power, which is a high cost of the table, budget price: 25,000 ~ 27,000.
Ocean series Breitling watches A1738811 / C906 / 173A Watches

2, Breitling Avenger Seawolf series dive A1733010 / F538 Watches
Breitling replica china
45mm stainless steel case, fine satin matte bezel, black dial with Arabic numerals, as a professional diving watch, waves to the screw-in crown and non-slip case can balance internal and external pressure differential of safety relief valve, making waterproof performance of this table a staggering 3000 m! Three-bit features calendar window, equipped with Breitling 17 movement frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, to ensure accurate and can provide 40 hours power, budget price: 29,000 ~ 33,000.
Breitling Avenger Seawolf series dive A1733010 / F538 Watches

3, Breitling Super Ocean Culture Series A1732136-G717-154A watches
Breitling replica china
To upward legendary classic fifties tribute, Breitling Super Ocean Culture launched While 42. As the name suggests, this watch case is 42mm, white dial with green unidirectional rotating bezel, if the color of the dial also turns green, look just like a replica of the green water ghost. 3:00 bit calendar window, water resistant to 200 meters, is equipped with 17 still Breitling movement, can provide at least 40 hours of power reserve, and for matching bracelet Milan, like people love the incredible, do not like people always felt it pinch arm hair, budget price: 33,000 ~ 36,000.
Breitling Super Ocean Culture Series A1732136-G717-154A watches

4, Breitling Avenger II series A1338111 / BC33 / 152S / A20S.1 chronograph watch
Breitling replica china
If the budget is adequate, then it must start at home with watches Breitling replica  chronograph function, as the chronograph pioneers, will not let anyone down. 43mm stainless steel case, black dial, 3 o’clock position with a calendar window, 6:00 bit to 12-hour timer, 9:00 bit small seconds, 12-bit timer to 30 minutes, by both sides of the screw-in crown The buttons to control, water depth reached 300 meters, equipped with Breitling Caliber 13 provides at least 42 hours of power, budget price: 36,000 to 40,000.
Breitling Avenger II series A1338111 / BC33 / 152S / A20S.1 chronograph watch

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2015 Top 5 New Pilot’s Replica Watches China

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Ever since the Wright brothers invented the airplane, the pilot china replica watches breitling is a powerful tool for pilots in the sky when you travel, the main watch brand introduced a variety of pilot watches, we list 2015 Top 5 new pilot watch here:
2015 Top 5 new Pilot’s Watches china
1. The most controversial — Driver Patek Philippe Calatrava Travel Time Pilot watch Ref.5524
In Baselworld 2015, Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref.5524 Watch Time Pilot Travel is the most talked watches. This is the story of pilot watches in honor of the brand. New only platinum, the new Calatrava Travel Time Pilot watch with a patented time travel mechanism that allows frequent travelers can be in two different time zones correctly indicate the time, built in 324 SC FUS movement with automatic winding movement with innovative Spiromax ? spiral; we first saw at Travel Nautilus last year shows the movement appeared.
2015 Top 5 new Pilot’s Watch
replica watches china
2. The most complicated watch — calendar watches Big Pilot Pilot stainless steel
IWC manufactured specifically for the London store last year, the store in New Bond Street in London are open for business, a special large-scale pilots calendar stainless steel models, limited to 38. Few are the perpetual calendar watches stainless steel models, so that the watch has attracted waves like abortion. When the watch with hours, minutes, seconds and date, month, year and power reserve, all backed by brand production 51,613 for the calendar movement. REF model. IW502805
2015 Top 5 new pilot project shows replica watches china — 3 The largest driver watches Zenith Driver Type 20 shows skeleton
And in the world of aviation has a deep contact Zenith, a leading manufacturer of some of the flight instruments, including the altimeter, chronograph watches and pilot on board. The driver TYPE Zenith 20 shows the skeleton of the traditional pilot watch, it is equipped with some of the first watches in drivers used the iconic 5011 pocket watch movement, recalling the brand’s proud history. Sufficient diameter to watch 60mm driver TYPE Zenith 20 Table skeleton is the largest, but also the list of the most expensive watches.
2015 Top 5 new pilot project shows — 4. Safe Pilot watches Breitling replica Emergency Watch II Generation
Breitling Emergency Alert II (emergency II) to help relief workers cope with catastrophic emergencies, including boating, hiking or aviation accidents in remote areas. In an emergency, which is integrated into the antenna housing tape can be removed to send the signal to a low altitude satellites. This signal provides accurate and reliable data to help search and rescue agencies. When the task is completed, the Breitling watches can back up to restore back, and sent back to you, this is all free.
2015 Top 5 new Pilot’s Watch
5. The most unruly pilot watches — Speake-Marin Wing Commander 42MM Titanium Orange
Speake-Marin is a leading British watchmaking revival, gave the release depends on the legacy of the nature of his country. The commander of the wing look no different. Presented in a titanium case, 12 hours a big date, 3 and 6 o’clock position is the large Roman numerals. This design shows atypical leave this driver is very clear – this is a key factor in watches drivers. Speake-Marin watches Air Force Commander also provides a clean display of power reserve, and the second orange disc quite dramatic, inspired by the brand’s trademark tool.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph (Transocean Chronograph) in a clear re-interpretation of the classic elements of modern design in the 1950s and sixties. Slim, low-profile case equipped Breitling 01 self-developed high-performance movement. Dial legible, every detail was better, hour markers and timers are carefully press fitted and decorated with “snail pattern”, 18K gold capital letters B with Breitling logo, follow the classic brand has been using the signs. Filling the long-distance travel overseas luxury Premier.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph is, it takes you back to the past. This watch looks and feels like an old-fashioned antique table. As if wearing it makes you feel like Tiffany’s side, and Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard breakfast sense of nostalgia.
breitling replica watches china
Breitling replica watches china Transocean Chronograph AB015212.BA99.154A equipped with a fully polished stainless steel case, diameter 43 mm wide and 14.35 mm thick. In this paper, the watch dial is matt black; as well as blue limited edition also has a silver dial with dark gray timing. Sapphire crystal covered with a thick layer of anti-reflective material, which is very typical characteristics of Breitling watches, Breitling heart carrying 01 movement, providing power reserve of approximately 70 hours.

Dial though very simple, but very elegant. It is recessed to provide good timekeeping register Press the button. Run the register of seconds at 9 points, 3-point and 12-hour time division register register 6 o’clock position, small seconds, and 4:00 and 5:00 calendar window, feeling very convenient and practical among them, the font color is black and white.

If you want to feel the 1960s, but was not a real retro feel works and headache watch, this fake watches china is a good choice. Breitling Transocean Chronograph AB015212.BA99.154A price: 67900RMB

Fake breitling Watches Iced Out China

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5204 Patek Philippe platinum analytical waiting is torment, especially Fake breitling Watches Iced while waiting to have the exact object.
However, please do not rush, because waiting has ended! Patek Philippe has launched a new manual winding movement developed and horizontal clutch, with a perpetual calendar split seconds chronograph ref.5204P, Chronograph Series Adds new members.
5204 Patek Philippe platinum First, we look just at the power source 5204P.
CHR29-535Q movement after launch, CHR27-70 retirement on the statement.
27-70,29-535 movement than the original diameter and 2 mm long, 32 mm, and the thickness was thinner.
Gyromax? pendulum oscillation frequency of rolex replica china 4 Hz, 2.5 Hz before.
In addition, minute chronograph billboard now have instantaneous jump function.
Chronograph has two second-hand, their use varies.
Under normal operating state, both pointers to keep in sync.
When the function is activated after needle chronograph pointer stop immediately, so that the recording time interval.
After liberation, chronographs pointer resynchronize with the chronograph hand.
Committed between these two pointers a game machine, which we call ‘catch the game. ”
Be the game needs a heart-shaped cam and fork to turn along the edge of the cam-shaped ruby ??heart.
Patek Philippe with two innovative technologies, the new CHR29-535Q movement in the integration of these important functions.
Interesting things to come.
Before shaped craft disappeared octopus.
How fast octopus-shaped? Why it will be replaced by it Fake breitling Watches? Octopus-shaped gear is part of the separation device, the role of two completely separate chronograph, so that the cam follower to reduce drag and friction along the heart-shaped cam during rotation.
When you start running pin functions, the device is not equipped with separate chronograph often encounter such problems.
Replace the “octopus-shaped gear” very simple, but the octopus-shaped craft itself is very complicated, watchmakers set-up work is also very difficult.
Then comes the gooseneck separation system.
Before the separation system has eight arms around replica watches china, and each must be individually adjusted and the gooseneck separation system has a wheel arm and spring.
The separation system is actually a horizontal clutch means.
Separation gear “A” and chronographs point synchronous rotation.
After activation chronographs pointer, it all started in an orderly manner.
First of all, chronographs pointer on the two gripper arm “B” action will immediately stop the operation, at the same time, separate fork “C” and pinion Division “A” of the commitment and push it forward about 30 degrees, loosen the needle protruding through a cam arm around “D”.
Thus, the timing is still running and chronographs pointer pointer separation work is finished.
The crucial point is that the two functions are started simultaneously, otherwise the chronograph function will be lost precision.
After the function of chronographs, chronographs pointer must still remain fully compatible with the chronograph hand.
Firstly, the separation system to stop functioning.
separating gear wheel arm “A” follower release “B”, and two gripper arms “D” will be released chronographs pointer.
Second, with the cam wheel chronograph pointer arm must return to the neutral position, such as “E” shown in place.
Chronographs fake watches china pointer will return to perfect unity and chronograph (recalibrated) has been a thorny issue.
Cams, the cam follower rollers relative proportions heart shaped and should be as small as possible ruby, especially when included in the watch on the inside.
Therefore, chronographs pointer was a bit narrower than the chronograph, to conceal the existence of the bias adjustment.
In order to eliminate any possible bias adjustment, Patek Liches double bottom recast seconds after the needle-shaped cam and cam heart.
Cam wheel arm-shaped core is wider than the previous one, while the shape of the cam follower base until completely different place the wheel arm.
Of course, the new design is still used to track breitling replica watches ?ruby ??heart-shaped cam follower in the center, but with the previous calibration by the rollers are fully responsible for different chronographs pointer, relying only on the side rolls on both sides of the cam wheel arm heart shaped.
This ensures that each time the perfect fit.
Adjust the zero pointer is also a major problem, which is to ensure that all features of the chronograph can be done properly, the pointer must start from the zero mark.
After the return of function pointer to zero balance for watchmakers and users are essential.
Today we have found a solution.
We called them “hammer”, but more like two feet, they will return to zero chronograph connected with the heart-shaped cam.
Throughout, the two hammer in a single piece of stainless steel.
This construction method is still a problem.
If the weight of heavier hammer, then another hammer is too light, it will be the cause can not be adjusted to the mark of zero.
The Patek Philippe solution is to build a hammer connected so they stay synchronized throughout.
It is like human legs, hips combination has been synchronized to operate until the encounter uneven surfaces, such as stairs.
In this case, they will be separated movement and adjust their actions accordingly.
To produce true to the heritage of the brand, unique and innovative new complicated watches is never easy.
After years of research and development, Patek Philippe 5204P launched a model for this, his low-key appearance sober, innovative mechanical movement hidden in the case of platinum.