China Breitling men’s watch recommend the entry level

Both sides of the anchor pair plump wings, constitute a unique testimony marked Breitling replica watches china countless glorious moment, but also on behalf of the ocean from the sky to the land until, Breitling series of progressive and innovative pursuit of excellence. For it, most men are not unfamiliar, known as “Air computers” Breitling, not only is the pioneer in the field of air time in the aerobatic community, is truly a large coffee. Breitling sponsored the world’s largest professional civilian jet aerobatic team, to be held in dozens of air shows in Europe every year. In fact, he said so much, just sketchy small series of Breitling express admiration, the next Xiaobian to introduce several entry-level Breitling watches, to let more people into the love Breitling watch time hall .

1, Ocean series Breitling A1738811 / C906 / 173A Watches
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When it comes to diving watch may, most people would first think such Kelpie 116,610 replica watches, Omega Seamaster replica and the like, but after all, the budget is very important, besides Kelpie what is often not available. The Breitling Ocean series is almost Shuigui launch and not separated by long time, so as the entry-level watches, COLT this small series strongly recommended. Whether workmanship or material, A1738811 / C906 / 173A are doing satisfactory, 44mm stainless steel case, blue dial with luminous hour markers, water depth reaches 200 meters, 3 o’clock position with a calendar window, Satin decorated with four Breitling watch Marked bezel matte bezel indicator, not only to ensure the optimum rotation handling, but also effectively protect the double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal. Tight end table back, equipped with 17 automatic movement Breitling offers 40 hours of power, which is a high cost of the table, budget price: 25,000 ~ 27,000.
Ocean series Breitling watches A1738811 / C906 / 173A Watches

2, Breitling Avenger Seawolf series dive A1733010 / F538 Watches
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45mm stainless steel case, fine satin matte bezel, black dial with Arabic numerals, as a professional diving watch, waves to the screw-in crown and non-slip case can balance internal and external pressure differential of safety relief valve, making waterproof performance of this table a staggering 3000 m! Three-bit features calendar window, equipped with Breitling 17 movement frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, to ensure accurate and can provide 40 hours power, budget price: 29,000 ~ 33,000.
Breitling Avenger Seawolf series dive A1733010 / F538 Watches

3, Breitling Super Ocean Culture Series A1732136-G717-154A watches
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To upward legendary classic fifties tribute, Breitling Super Ocean Culture launched While 42. As the name suggests, this watch case is 42mm, white dial with green unidirectional rotating bezel, if the color of the dial also turns green, look just like a replica of the green water ghost. 3:00 bit calendar window, water resistant to 200 meters, is equipped with 17 still Breitling movement, can provide at least 40 hours of power reserve, and for matching bracelet Milan, like people love the incredible, do not like people always felt it pinch arm hair, budget price: 33,000 ~ 36,000.
Breitling Super Ocean Culture Series A1732136-G717-154A watches

4, Breitling Avenger II series A1338111 / BC33 / 152S / A20S.1 chronograph watch
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If the budget is adequate, then it must start at home with watches Breitling replica  chronograph function, as the chronograph pioneers, will not let anyone down. 43mm stainless steel case, black dial, 3 o’clock position with a calendar window, 6:00 bit to 12-hour timer, 9:00 bit small seconds, 12-bit timer to 30 minutes, by both sides of the screw-in crown The buttons to control, water depth reached 300 meters, equipped with Breitling Caliber 13 provides at least 42 hours of power, budget price: 36,000 to 40,000.
Breitling Avenger II series A1338111 / BC33 / 152S / A20S.1 chronograph watch

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