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[October 28, 2014, China Shanghai] of world community over rolex replica watches china the Bund Rolex brand watches in the world held in 2014 ? HC Wei slightly Price Rolex (The Rolex Awards for entrepreneurship) will meet the media. HC Wei slightly this year to get the Rolex Awards Young Laureates of the two, are from Italy, Francesco ? choro (Francesco Sauro) and Olivier ? octyl text taken (Olivier Nsengimana) of Rwanda, and the jury as one Judges China Giant Panda conservation biologist and expert Professor Lv Zhi, sharing the same stage of their creation projects and the experience Rolex HC Wei slightly Awards. Rolex hope this will meet the media, to attract people with lofty ideals and more attention in the country in 2016 to join some participation Rolex Award Winners Wei to create a personal spirit and innovation plan for the benefit of society, the benefit of the world.

HC Wei slightly Price 2014 Rolex Young Laureates visit the Bund ? Rolex sector

HC Wei slightly Price 2014 Rolex Young Laureates visit the Bund ? Rolex sector

HC Wei slightly Price 2014 Rolex Young Laureates visit the Bund ? Rolex sector

HC Wei slightly Rolex Awards began in 1976, aims to encourage the courage and determination to meet the challenges of the people, their commitment to improve human life, too, or to protect the natural and cultural heritage of the world. In 2009, Rolex decided to cultivate the next generation of leaders, adding to the Young Laureates Award, presented to the young people of his talents Wei slightly on innovative projects to show. Candidates can apply for replica watches china scholarship in five areas: science and medicine, the application of technology, discovery, protection of the environment and cultural heritage. HC Wei slightly Rolex Award was founded, there were 30,500 applicants from 190 countries submitted to the creation of the project, including 130 eminent personalities and young people achieve recognition awards. Before 2014, there are 122 experts served as jury for the award.

Youth will meet the media the same day, two were from Rwanda and Italy Winners presented and shared their creation plan. 30-year-old Olivier packets ? Helsinki take to save the endangered Crowned Crane, Rwanda has launched a series of conservation. First, he set up a royal crane, the national database to record all been captured correctly Crowned Crane. He plans to lobby in the country, to convince elite breeding crane to release their birds. Text Octyl take more national media campaign to teach people how to earn a living, while not a threat to endangered species. Finally, it hopes to train the younger generation to become environmentalists rolex fake watches china and therefore conserve biodiversity Rwanda. 29-year-old Francesco choro ? plan to explore the ancient quartzite cave in South America Pingdingshan area. 2014-2017, choro plane in the eastern Amazon region Pingdingshan four times visit the reconnaissance mission will help them find the entrance to the cave, evaluate possible, as well as research and science logistical difficulties cave. In addition, it will be responsible for the investigation team to the cave, geology and geological microbiology collect data, analyze trends in the cave, the water chemistry, and the weathering of rocks, and search for new or rare minerals and agencies.

Professor Lv Zhi China CONSERVATION BIOLOGIST China join the festivities that will meet the media. HC Wei slightly this year as one of the jury judges the Rolex Price Master Lu said, “Rolex HC Wei slightly award aims to support outstanding personalities with the spirit of innovation and the inflexible attitude, and can use their knowledge to create a plan to expand the human and promote the common good. I encourage more people of insight from various fields apply this prestigious award and then drive its research areas and the whole of humanity and common development and progress. ”

Earlier, in the most important scientific research institutions Rolex London Royal Society (Royal Society) announced 2014 Rolex HC Wei slightly award winners. 30 winners of the Young Laureates Programme this year were from Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East. They all have outstanding leadership qualities and originality of innovative solutions for science and technology to promote wellness, improve the environment, but also to promote scientific knowledge to advance. The five young winners of the eight leading expert jury composed of Rolex, 1,800 candidates worldwide are selected, each Young Laureates will receive bonus of fifty thousand francs, to achieve the ambitious projects.

Five winners are:

? Kaila If Ti Ni (Neeti Kailas), 29, India – aimed at affordable and easy to use fake watches china tool to promote neonatal hearing screening, and to establish the diagnosis or treatment of deafness network healthcare professionals in India.

HC Wei slightly Price 2014 Rolex Young Laureates visit the Bund ? Rolex sector

Olivier ? text OCTYL take (Olivier Nsengimana), 30, Rwanda – promote the conservation of the endangered Crowned Crane Plan and encouraged by the release of hunting Crowned Crane. Crowned Crane is a symbol of wealth and longevity in Rwanda because of its beautiful appearance captured misfortune struck, often kept as a pet.

? Choro Francesco (Francesco Sauro), 29, Italy – quartzite cave junction of the borders to explore the legendary South Pingdingshan area for thousands of years exploring why cloistered environment in Venezuela and Brazil formed unique.

? As Arthur (Arthur Zang), 26, Cameroon – first medical tablet invention of Africa, so that health care in rural areas of the heart disease detection can result, through the mobile Internet, sent to a cardiologist for further diagnosis.

He Mori ? Zhuoya Wei (Hosam Zowawi), 29, Saudi Arabia – are being developed to china rolex watches cheap detect whether antibiotic resistant bacteria rapid test method. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is now a serious threat to global human health. He also planned a mass campaign across the region to antibiotics misuse and abuse of the warning.

? Director Rolex business charitable Rebecca Irwin (Rebecca Irvin), said “the number of young record this year and we are honored applied to announce the winners, and strongly supports the work of the young winners to promote those inspiring . The five young winners and the plans they have made, create a clear demonstration of the spirit and strong leadership this year so that the jury was very impressed with the pragmatism of these programs, each program are solving real life issues. They certainly are an example of the world, Rolex also happy to share their stories to the world. ”

HC Wei slightly Rolex Awards

In 1976, to commemorate the brand Rolex Oyster chronometer watch the 50th anniversary of the altar is the table, began to organize his talents Wei slightly price to pay tribute to the first waterproof watch in the world and symbolizes the spirit of Good innovation. HC Wei slightly establishment of awards, positive is to support this innovative spirit. This award aims to encourage people around the world to create a spirit of medical science, applied technology, environmental protection, discovery and cultural heritage of the five areas, use their talents and ambition to change the world.

2010, the first winners of Awards recognize young people an innovative and visionary hand help young winners and their award-winning career in a pinch ,. In addition to the prize money, each Young Laureates may also make use of the international media campaign to promote their plans to join the old network and a jury winner and receive ?? Rolex watch.

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