Vintage Omega Replica Speedmaster ’57’ Watches

If you go through the recent Omega replica watches shop, surely noticed that the last image fake Omega sign “? The choice of George Clooney”: George Clooney wearing ’57’ vintage watch Omega Speedmaster, drive a Harley driving on the desert road. These are the Omega watches launched in 2015 the latest super-retro ’57’ shows.

The choice of George Clooney — china ’57’ Omega Speedmaster replica watches retro
2013 and 2015 models very contrast watch dial 57

’57’ Omega Speedmaster series was launched in 2013 in New Popular shows Speedmaster, Omega coaxial with the chronograph movement of production for 9300, the hands look more like Cousin, rather than modern counterclockwise Speedmaster thin strips hands, while the restoration of the old section of the linear design of the legs, and the bracelet style. In 2015 Basel watch fair, Omega introduced a new version Speedmaster 57 shows, have a retro design very cool. In addition to dial style “retro” matte black face plate and make the old color of luminous matter patina, Omega has also decided to take a little different hands in 1957 — Omega reolica watches Speedmaster prototype as “Broad Arrow hands” .

The choice of George Clooney — china ’57’ Omega Speedmaster watches retro
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In a sense, Omega introduced Omega replica watches china Speedmaster As 2015 ’57’ to meet the current Speedmaster fans admire the ancient mind. In this regard, it is shamelessly watch “retro” but he did very well, and offers a retro look with a modern kernel.

The choice of George Clooney — ’57’ Omega Speedmaster watches retro

Let us first in 1957 Omega Speedmaster CK2915 prototype (from 1957 (until 1959). For most amateur collectors Omega Speedmaster, this is their Holy Grail. A beautiful symmetrical right ear of the case, tachometer steel bezel, “Broad Arrow” hands-wheel chronograph movement with column 321 of the hand. No crown for the bridge (application of NASA), no tachometer bezel black, no white needle sticks. The CK2915 Speedmaster and other publishers in 1957 Omega watch “professional”, such as the hippocampus 300 (CK2913) and iron Pa (CK2914), design case design and hands shared.

The choice of George Clooney — china ’57’ Omega Speedmaster watches retro

I really like the watch 57 style 2015 color Speedmaster models, the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph coaxial ’57, steel bracelet models 331., leather strap 331. models. This Barenia honey brown leather strap with particularly good. Speedmaster watches usually do not provide in section of the belt, but this one particularly unique. I also found that the combination of colors of this bright material P. perfect match.

Steel size of 41.5 mm to use, but was big, it should be attributed to retro straight legs. Arch made of sapphire crystal, also mimic the effect of plastic mirror 1950, regardless of the cost is reflected in the Omega; depth of 100 meters (progress than its predecessor) water.

The choice of George Clooney — ’57’ Omega Speedmaster watches retro? china

Scale and legible black dial pointer, especially its timing is depressed, feeling light sandwich structure. 9300 movements due to the structure of the chronograph are only two small dial on the left is a classic line of second hand on the table, the right is a good 12 hours of driving time, two minutes and hours pointer timed. The movement also has a date function to 6 hours.

The choice of George Clooney — ’57’ Omega Speedmaster china watches retro

Unfortunately, Omega did not apply “to reach coaxial” armored motion technology in 9300 households. But this is what will happen sooner or later, 9300 remains one of the best Omegar replica china movement. Movement has a power reserve of 60 hours and includes a silicon springs, frequency of 3.5 Hz. Its polished in the same class brands on good quality replica watches china, which means it has a Tuo round rhodium and Geneva, the use of coaxial technology, Omega give 4 years warranty.

The choice of George Clooney — ’57’ Omega Speedmaster watches retro

2015 The new Speedmaster Omega ’57’ coaxial escapement chronograph watch, will be integrated into ’57’ Omega Speedmaster family, their retro look closer to 1957 Speedmaster prototype, the retail price of 7,500 Swiss francs and $ 9000. For more information, see?