Rolex spokesperson Lydia Ko won the 2015 Evian Championship

Evian Resort Golf Club, 2015 9 月 13 日 – Rolex replica spokesperson Lydia Ko (Lydia Ko) Resort & Golf Club in Evian (Evian Resort Golf Club) won the 2015 Evian Championship (The 2015 Evian Championship), In 18 years, 4 months, 20 days old became the youngest women’s golf Grand Slam winner.
Rolex spokesperson Lydia Ko (LYDIA KO) won the 2015 Evian hit a golf tournament history
In today’s final round, Lydia Ko start two behind the leader, but in the last four holes caught three birds, with 63 (8 under par) finished the final round of the impressive record. In the magnificent scenery of the Alps, Lydia Ko 72 hole 268 (16 under par) made 6 victory score advantage, beat the same for the Rolex spokesman Lai Kexi ? Thompson (Lexi Thompson) win.

Proud Rolex spokesperson Lydia Ko year 2014 Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of the Year award ? (Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of The Year) youngest winner, and in February 2015 became the first ever topped the Rolex Women’s World Golf Ranking (Rolex watches china Women’s World Golf Rankings) top the youngest golfer.

Image and Communication Director of Rolex Enterprise Arnold ? Boaters (Arnaud Boetsch) said: “Rolex congratulate Lydia Ko of women’s golf has created a new record in the final round, she showed amazing talent beyond their age, courage. with calm, with these outstanding qualities, no doubt, her golf career will glory. between Rolex and outstanding sporting achievements are closely linked, and we are honored to be the sport a part of the historical process. ”

And Lydia Ko in the last group with participating Lai Kexi ? Thompson, shot 70 in the final round, the final ranking second. Meanwhile, Liang Na ? Maguire (Leona Maguire) through qualifying score tied 34 Rolex women’s golf world ranked No. 286, was “the best amateur player” honor.

Since 2000, Rolex has been Official Timekeeper as Evian tournament. 2013 replica watches china, upgraded to the Grand Slam tournament, in this process, Rolex has been to provide support.

Evian tournament chairman Frank ? lining (Franck Riboud) said: “The 2015 tournament was the perfect show women’s Evian Golf Classic, is because there are Rolex as generous help of partners, we can continue to follow the mission, participating ball Hand, partners and the general audience to build a first-class tournament experience. ”

Close contact between Rolex replica watches china and women’s golf tournament a continuation to a series of cooperation, including both amateur tournament cooperation, including the elite level of competition and cooperation. Among them, the Swiss watchmaker Rolex as the official timer for the four women’s Grand Slam events and between dates 18-20 September 2015 in Germany ?Golf Club (Golf Club St. Leon Rot) held Europe and the United Farm Women’s Golf Cup Tournament (Solheim Cup) to provide support.

15-16 September 2015, Evian resorts around the world will usher in the age of 14 of the top junior golfers participate in the “Evian Cup Juvenile Championships” (The Evian Championship Juniors Cup), then Rolex and Evian tournament will continue to fulfill its commitments to the selection of rookie talent. Eight years ago, the Rolex replica spokesperson Jordan ? Sipi Si (Jordan Spieth) worked as a 14-year-old players to participate in the tournament, and ultimately get the first eight grades; after eight years, he is the US Masters champion, and in In the same year he won the US Open champion. Jordan ? Si Pisi this event brings together the world’s best energy of 13-14-year-old golfer, so that they know each other and one of them under the unique charm of high praise.

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