Replica Rolex Watches Gmt Master II China

Watch splint splint is the basis for the construction of Replica Rolex Gmt Master China? mechanical watches.
Through the hole on the plywood, slots, column and thread, etc., all the internal parts of the clock or watch closely, just together to form a set of work, both the clock or watch .
Role plywood: 1, support and securing components.
2, to ensure that the relative position of the various components to work.
3, to ensure the axial and radial play of the moving parts at work.
Plywood Category: mechanical watches two available can be divided into two wheel center and polyvinylidene wheels into two categories.
Two main plywood splints wheel body generally, plywood, plywood, plywood pieces, put plywood plywood fork and six, in addition to the main plate, the other five known as the little splint.
Centre Two plywood polyvinylidene wheel wheels two wheels below the center of the movement in a splint, which includes the main plywood, plywood, plywood strips, fork and put plywood plywood total of five.
In addition to the main plate, the others are small splint.
Polyvinylidene plywood base wheel clamp moderators movement is the focus of two wheel movement, which with the splint, fixed and support the entire center wheel, and the splint is fixed together and support sur-round, second round and exhaust parts for fork, and put plywood fastened together and support the components of the wheel balance.
Watches precision mechanical watches is the use of the composition of the spiral mechanical oscillator time base, the precision of the watch will largely depend the stability of oscillation spiral cycle.
But the stability of spiral shock affected by the following factors: (5) the impact of the magnetic field effect (4) temperature changes (3) the impact of the impact of the impact (1) swing (2) the speed of the clip position change son of the Virgin (6) the impact of the movement (7) parts of movement machining tolerances watches (8) other factors Mifengbuyan mainly because of the box watch, then change the moist air and the water pressure will affect the accuracy of travel time watch, but also easy there is a small dirt and foreign materials in the table, affecting the work of mechanical watches.
There is also a problem “needle” called, are the fault of the table.

Read accuracy test: a Swiss watch day and night error (difference of day): Swiss watch interval determined within 24 hours to explain the quality of the precision table, with the first day and night, night and the correction value of the day and the second correction value comparison .2. Swiss Watch circadian variation of error: error of two adjacent circadian variation, also called on the deterioration of stability when walking the beautiful watch table reflecting “Swiss watch three days and the average error Night … with error and mean diurnal several days and nights compared to error, ie the difference between the average day and night to determine the instantaneous value of the error circadian error: also called the instantaneous difference in the above test is a conditional test interval between day and night, is that all are average 0.4 Switzerland View isochronous error: the difference is 24 hours a day and string a poor day, fine watches worse position number (symbol is I) is the error when the position error 5. Swiss watches with different sealing go. spring, also known as difference is the different position, an error occurs (symbol P) Temperature error: Also called the coefficient temperature (symbol C) and other temperature is 36 degrees and 20 degrees, the difference between the instantaneous (36-20) divided by the difference in the number’s value resulting temperature coefficient, eight major temperature shift indicators once by mistake when changes go watch: Swiss watch drop 6 (24 hours after the complete string and swing) 7 swiss watches flat vertical deviation (beautiful watch full chord plane and the poor facade swing) to set the clock accuracy to go: precision adjustment of travel watches, often struck by the change gossamer speed clip length to complete the job.
But in the actual adjustment, to achieve a change fake rolex china in the accuracy range of a few seconds, the needle tip of speed alone is often not.
Because this setting is too small, the operation is out of breath, a movement is still possible to adjust the amount exceeds, so to obtain satisfactory accuracy of travel time, repeatedly insisted repeatedly adjust the work .
There are also watches plywood (especially in automatic plywood) will be blocked gossamer folder, without disassembling the automatic plywood is not good to begin with.
The adjustment requirements, cutting device is to achieve this goal.
From a structural standpoint, the cutter is generally sleeps with an aperture ring, it made the front end of a needle or a (or called fork), and V-shaped, if there is an eccentric adjustment screw V-shaped; spider clamp and fine adjustment are sandwiched by elastic engagement, clip trimming gossamer clip above, the adjustment screw with a screwdriver to tighten the clamp in the head section of the part in the shape of V moves to the left or right, cut eccentric clamp also moves and hard gossamer not change position corresponding clip.
Direction of the adjustment of +/- look put plywood identity, precision setting of the beach is not easy to say, in general, is +/- 10 seconds / day, depending on file size gossamer gossamer swing space Kuang defined.
Look higher the frequency, the less number of towers gossamer, like the previous 18,000 cycles / watch springs hour tours are 13-14, and now watches gossamer 28800 / when only about 10-11 laps.
So look higher frequency accuracy is not easy to adjust, it is more “sensitive”, especially female, and with a more convenient fine adjustment.
All high-end watches have now adopted some fine tuning device, of course, the type and form of fine-tuning device are numerous, the most common is that used in the ETA movement (see photo).
Early look gossamer speed clip is with a needle, called “speed needle”, but some also do surprisingly long, and indeed be able to walk the control accuracy does it end watches.
How to keep the watch away Accuracy: can not correct mechanical watches will maintain, because of mechanical watches go is constantly changing, the report of a spring elastic state, a fixed location at a temperature which can temporarily accurate But compared with another case conditions there will be replica watches changes, immediately is not the same.
That is, even to watch the corrected second is not bad, you find that it does not stop, the precision is always instantaneous changes and fluctuations.
In addition, the impact on the accuracy of the watch there are other many factors, watches mistake we see is only a real fire average error per unit time.
Travel time precision mechanical watch full channel state is better to get accurate, it must give as much as possible on a full time winding their watches to go, what is more important for automatic watches.
Because the degree of self-winding watches and tighten your time and wear sportswear is directly linked to the precondition of ensuring that there is a sufficient amount of exercise.
Different positions have different levels of precision in the travel shows is what we call the rolex replica watches china position error of the watch, when the improvement of the factory of the watch to be tested at three temperatures and five directions, five posts are: surface (dial up), a bottom surface, the bottom (3:00), the left (12.00 below), the top (9:00 down) that the correct position (6:00) is not commonly used (unless you set the table with the palm of one side or right).
According to statistics, the majority of people in one day using the watch time to the face position is approximately 35%, 30% to the left, the 25%, 10% other places to enjoy the accuracy of the watch different errors in different places to go that can correct the speed of fashion watches.
Be the first to observe the test and save test method is very simple, you need to be on full winding table, and then when the time alignment is a standard test shows, minutes, seconds, so that they are synchronized, then the first place in the plan Property go 24 hours later, then the standard time for error and recorded.
Repeat the process for the watch face down, respectively, next to the left, to go on an actual position error test, and recorded.
For example: the results of the static tests are: surface 20 sec / day, below the surface 20 seconds / day at -5 sec / day, 25 seconds / day left, put on 10 seconds / day, results of error 15 seconds / day shows the actual wear away.
Select the clock to watch the evening to correct the orientation error, take the example above situation, it is clear that should handle copy of the place during the night in order to help reduce the accumulated error of shows Travel time.
The only reason to look at their own mistakes and errors watches have a precise understanding of the characteristics, it can serve you better.