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View calendar calendar calendar adjustment replica watches ?mechanism is limited, so that in the period of the Replica Omega calendar does not go fast transfer work schedule, work schedule time is generally 10 p.m. to 2: 00, the replacement is completed in the timing of this time, Meanwhile, adjust the schedule is prohibited.
Calendar appears necessary to adjust the situation: 1, watch the calendar changes appear noon.
2, look at the calendar showing the date is incorrect (including the size of the month when the leap month turnover).
Calendar adjustment method: We know that the watch schedule means 24 hours a day only beaten once.
But watch the clock runs two rounds, the first case occurred, the watch will change the calendar at 12 o’clock, when the right is very simple, you just need to watch the clock struck circle clockwise can be.
The second situation occurs, there are two types of methods can be corrected, usually now have a calendar (with the calendar week) of the function of watch, which has a ring of 3 speeds, when the crown is fully depressed, also called “normal gear”, this time only to put on a rotating winding watches; when the table to withdraw completely, the watch can be positive or reverse needles in the “normal position” and completely remove the position of the needle selector room, there is a gear that is used to quickly adjust the calendar used .
You need to look carefully and slowly put in this position by turning the precise timetable dish can be corrected.
The old general did not watch this quick adjustment feature, you can count on the dial clockwise to fix.
Lazy way it is when the next schedule after the jump, then fell 7:00 hand counterclockwise and then clockwise to ?fake watches position twelve o’clock position jump calendar, if it can avoid trouble needle wheel clockwise.
Note: Some calendar correction mechanism is to rely on the button on the box to complete, press the button on the calendar to change a number, another form is pulling push the crown to adjust the calendar, whatever form The same Do not go to fast transfer within calendar civilian agencies.
Replacing some civilian agencies week digital lagging behind the figure replacement schedule is about a few hours, especially in Japan watch.
Adjust the double calendar watch is generally the direction of rotation of the crown decide to adjust the timetable or weekly schedule adjustments.
Some calendar mechanism if you dial down the needle, dial ? calendar also fell back to the original number, then it can not dial needle to the right to adjust the calendar.
Substantial long teeth for watch dial to a certain extent, will increase mechanical wear, so dial needle movements must be gentle.
Gold plated case into two categories, a homogeneous material was gold plated, gold plated and the other is a heterogeneous material.
Gold plated homogeneous surface material refers to gold jewelry were plated.
Its meaning is to improve the replica watches sparkling jewels and color.
Gold plated heterogeneous material surface refers to line plated in non-gold, as gilded silver, gilded copper.
Its meaning is to try to replace the nickel-gold luster color material, which improves the visualization of jewelry.
Gold plated thickness of the standard plated gold watch was 10 microns, the Swiss watch industry has a rule, as long as the thickness of the gold-plated 10 microns, it must have hit the mark in the case mentioned above above.
Identification usually hit 6:00 position in the case of open files, there are many standard methods, such as: G10, PLAQUEORG10, GOLDELECTROPLATE10MICRONS, GOLDELECTROPLATED10G, PLAQUEG10M like.
Gold represents the thickness of essentially 18K coupler.
Mido gold plated watch case has a feature on the 1960 Swiss watches are thickly plated, are not generally 10 microns, 20 microns have a good point, and even made of gold or forge Gold case, thickness 40, 80 or even hundreds of microns.
Now look at are golden very thin, more “stingy”, access is 5 microns or 5 microns or less, therefore, no further logo on the case.
If the strap is gold plated, and then the thickness of the gold strap generally thinner, base not exceeding 10 microns, and many of the watch is gold only on the outside of the strap.
golden relatively high costs, especially thick plating, the price will go up immediately.
Case Golden process is also more complicated, if the case cut metallographic examination, you find that the case is gold plated plating layers, plating of the first nickel layer and a gold layer, the only way make reliable plating seeds.
Plated gold shell watch, the biggest problem is not wear, easy to bleaching, including shows semi-chrome steel.
Once the gold overlay off the watch or the case of surface scratches, they have no way to deal (not polished).
If the pocket watch, 10 micron gold plated can about 10 year warranty (if not wearing) the watch is not easy to say, because the watches worn vary, corrosion and abrasion and sweat are different many from January to February layer of gold a year will rise further.
OMEGA watches like Omega, the beginning of the year when he made 40 micron gold of ?fake omega watches the case, the best known is the “golden ear circle” (Table claws and golden ring before the case) but even if the thickness of the case has been brought in circumstances holes often occur.
Therefore, Omega OMEGA watches 20 years ago promised not to gold or gold watches, and all changes in 18 carat gold or 18 karat gold and stainless steel case and bracelet, this watch will be able to maintain a good long look.
Low-grade watches, the gold layer is extremely thin, it is estimated that 1 to 2 microns, so in a very short time, if the watch fade, and therefore, this watch can not buy .
Watch gold plated, if it is 20 microns thick, which can carry 10 the following year, rolex replica watches and looks golden now so thick impossible.
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