Omega Replica Mechanical and quartz watches are opposing camps

Omega Replica?Mechanical and quartz watches are opposing camps.
In terms of design and planning, Fake Omega China production organization, publicity and sales, after-sales service of the arrangement, the two technologies are mutually melt.
Fortunately, the plant promising to fight as many customers, both taken on a non-discriminatory manner, most of the major brands of watches have mechanical power and quartz force for the election, and the same look, the price is the same, so that the consumer press their willingness to choose.
Mechanical and quartz watches with the same nature of Ice and Fire do?
However, entering the collection industry, mechanical and quartz watches 486 </a> market equilibrium potential no longer exists.
Who started his watch collection will surely scoff quartz watch, which is beyond reproach.
Since ancient times, the mechanical watch has experienced more than two centuries of Omega Replica?evolution, leaving countless worth recalling the glorious past.
From Calvin’s Reformation, to ?die in the guillotine; from Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, until after the war of the Big Three at Yalta convergence; musicians from Tchaikovsky to Sonny Rubinstein Piano gentleman; Students from eco drive von Humboldt, the founder of one of the car’s Dedi Weng; …… all of these historical events, the great masters, as well as immortal classics, are closely related to the development and watches.
Four-year-old to wear the watch the passage of the internal parts, but can not erase hidden in an old bell every old table tortuous experience.
Once they are repaired, listen to that old “tick” rhythm, Fake Omega?Breguet travel clock face big collectors as if a thousand men are watching a horse Austerlitz; playing with the waves Qinweimusi table fans seem to appreciate the cold started his Antarctic; even wrote at playing the old Shanghai people can not help but sigh in the 1970s simple humble social atmosphere.
In a sense, there is a 2256 mechanical watches </a> life, it will grow old, will stop, will be old, will wear, but it can also pay attention to Omega Replica?watches??life, revived, and even immortality.
Once you have, from generation to generation, mechanical watches unite people’s emotions, and therefore has many followers.
However, the quartz watch is really nothing you? No.
Let’s look at a few examples: gold-plated fork table early 1960s, the time for only tens of dollars, and now as long as the state is good, will go, marking three thousand US dollars of the price of the counter certainly put live, over the same period of Gold-plated automatic watch Omega strong it! Swatch, the simplest configuration, the cheapest materials, the most flat price, but just this “toy table” will emerge several price of second-hand goods.
A friend of mine has seen a marked HK $ 600 Swatch old dial like a broken piece printed denim, did not see the new ideas, but soon after seeing a magazine in Italy this form asking price of HK $ 2000 down, then Fanshen Buying has been pre-empted.
Visible quartz watch does have good stuff to hide.
Quality mechanical watch movements in the value of the collection has a large position.
A nameless small factories if they can make a unique movement is enough to attract collectors, many independent tabulation home is to make a living.
Quartz watch collection is more emphasis on brand and design.
Some well-known companies rely on brand Viagra plus clever ideas, exquisite craftsmanship tend to Omega Replica create some rare quality goods, such as Chopin’s Happy Diamond series of tables they use a quartz movement, some square and irregular shaped style rather appreciation potential.
Worthy collection of early quartz watch
Philips France in the 1950s is extremely rare, early sixties American Bulova, Hamilton pair more, many late to early 1970s Omega, Longines, Rado handed sixties, seven the mid-1980s Longines, Concord, Jaeger-LeCoultre and other developed thin gold sequin thin quartz watch worn on the hand uncomfortable selling price can be high, seek many.

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