Lady Gaga buy fake Rolex, said he was angry Thailand

Rolex replica Lady GaGa has always been prestigious in the world, the quality is very strong, but the positioning Rolex watch offer so many fans and stop looking, even stars have to save money to buy a fine imitation of high imitation watches .
For example, Ray queen Lady Gaga on Twitter (Twitter) on a message claiming to Bangkok souks to buy counterfeit brand-name rolex replica watches china, which made the Thai government very angry and expressed dissatisfaction with the US government to this end.
As we all know, spread some of Bangkok’s souks and shopping malls are selling imported from China, almost as real of counterfeit brand-name luxury goods.
Commerce Department official who asked not to be named, told Reuters in an interview, said, “Lady Gaga represents the United States, while the United States to put pressure on small countries to strengthen intellectual property protection.
She should have told fans not to use counterfeit products. ”
Even so, Lady Gaga May 23 message in their tweets (Twitter) on some Thai people still stuck to the pain, they think Lady Gaga’s remarks have damaged the reputation of Thailand.
Because of intimidation, the Grammy Award winner canceled concert in Indonesia, but she also faces South Korea, the Philippines and conservative groups to protest, but she did not apologize for their remarks to push special (Twitter) on.
Thailand’s Commerce Ministry said it undermines the efforts of the government to combat piracy.
Gaga’s remarks caused in Thailand online forums and social media intense discussion, but unimpeded fans expect people to replica watches china her performances, the show held Friday to attract the audience of nearly 50,000 people.
Gaga released a message on Twitter (Twitter): “I just landed in Bangkok, Thailand preparing for 50,000 screaming fans!.
I would like to play in the Ladies have fun, buy a fake Rolex fake watches.
“And in the Rolex official website there are the Rolex forum and nothing seems to have representation.
Or is this phenomenon has been commonplace in our daily lives because of it.
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