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Fake Rolex Awards

There are mainly three types of “fake Rolex prices” being sold online today.

The poor class – fake Rolex watches Street Market Asia Made of poor quality and you can spot them from afar. So many people call them “toys Rolex watches.” This fake rolex locats in the lower price range between 50 and 100 €.
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The middle class – the so-called “Swiss Replica” Asian done with Japanese movement ETA, average quality fake Rolex china with JP made ETA movements When you touch and inspect you can easily understand that they are not functional as real ones sites .. sale because the so-called “Swiss replica” for € 100 or € 300, you can easily understand that what they sell is really watches in Asia.

The High Class – authentic Swiss limited production hand Rolex fake watches and they are extremely rare and hard to find. There is an important difference from other types because these watches are handcrafted in Switzerland with parts and Genuine Swiss Made ETA movements. So the fake Rolex prices are rightly much higher. Swiss Replica Rolex begin to € 500 and can go up to € 1,000.
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From my own experience, it can be difficult to tell a big difference before shopping. So the price is the important factor to help you endify product quality of the online store. And you must be careful to “high price” Stanger online store, after all its sales are much more expensive.

Rolex false-France
High Quality Replica Rolex??

Corrosion resistant
With 904L stainless steel case is the base material of the authentic Rolex Watches, 316L is usually used in high quality Replica Rolex. 316L also has a high resistance to corrosion, and is more friendly to human skin with the low level of nickel discharge with 904L. A slighly cheap alloy, which blends perfectly with other precious metals. It is extremely resistant to corrosion and highly polishable, which has a very high resistance to a wide range of environments.

Gold Plating color and length
In the high quality replica Rolex china, the color of gold is more similar to the real, and gold plating is thicker and lasts longer. High quality Replica Rolex should use real 18K gold alloy and real white-yellow-pink plate with a technique unique PVD plating making quality watches so unique and durable.
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Scratch Proof Sapphire Crystal
Replica high quality watches are equipped with high purity sapphire scratch resistant with a colorless coating inside glareproof, same shape, thickness and Cyclops magnification power as genuine Rolex. This kind of synthetic sapphires is so difficult, which is just after the hardness of diamond. The application of glareproofing both sides involves highly specialized expertise and equipment.

100% Swiss Made ETA movements
Accuracy is quality replica watches of life, which is measured by a robot and each copy individually numbered Rolex movement is tested for 15 consecutive days and nights. Swiss high quality replica watches cloning expert who played a key role in the technical development of the procedure.

Blue Super-Luminova
High quality uses Super-LumiNova luminous material that functions as a light battery. After sufficient activation by the sun or artificial light, they glow in the dark for several hours. Light markings guarantee complete visibility for all night.
This process of activation and subsequent light emission can be repeated again and again, and the material undergoes no aging. Therefore, Super-high total performance LumiNova? offer on the life of a replica watch high quality Swiss Rolex.
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Real diamonds Moissanite
High quality Moissanite diamonds are another feature that adds value to our Swiss replica watches. With a refractive index of 2.65 to 2.69, Moissanite has more shine than diamond!
And thanks to a dispersion that is 2.4 times that of diamond, Moissanite bends light in mesmerizing flashes of light arc … more than twice as diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire. Day or night, simply Moissanite dance with light.

10 times more gold than mere gold plated
An application of the PVD coating which is applied to high quality replicas Swiss is 10 microns, or 10 times the typical thickness of gold plating and many times more resistant than the mean thickness. PVD titanium nitride plating is scratch proof, and it takes effort to scrape through the base metal.
Titanium nitride is first applied to the 316L steel, which produces a hard rough surface. When gold or platinum is applied, it fills the cavities of the first minute to the rough surface and constructed to form a smooth surface. Since the high points of titanium nitride are so hard, they protect the precious so they do not wear.

Baked in Super High Celsius Sapphire is manufactured from aluminum oxide. This material is heated to its melting point to 2050 ° C, with the addition of oxygen and hydrogen. It takes about 15 hours to form corundum on the stem a bit like a stalagmite. The stones are then re-baked at a temperature of 1800 ° C in order to stabilize the material.
The corundum are cut by thin polished diamond blades. The machining continues with the grinding of the crystal diameter of less than 2 / 100ths of a millimeter, and then the surface, which means the adjustment of thickness.
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Dials, diamonds and Bezels
Blue Light Super-LumiNova, diamonds and sapphire bezel Moissanite Pearls are some of the unique features of high quality Swiss replica Rolex. We use only Super-LumiNova pigments that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and absolutely free of radioactivity. The real Moissanite genuine diamond markers and sapphire crystal ensures that high quality Swiss Rolex replicas china are completely undetectable.
Our ceramic glasses are formed from an extremely hard ceramic material with excellent corrosion resistance properties. High Quality Swiss-made glasses come in blue, black or green ceramic that remains unaffected by ultraviolet rays and it is virtually scratchproof.

Scratch resistant
316L stainless steel is harder and much more machine than steel used in watches. Subsequently, high quality had to design its own tools to work with the hardware and uses a 250-ton press to eradicate the initial cases.
In addition to superior rust, corrosion and resistance to pitting corrosion, polished 316L very well with the right tools and know-how. 316L brushed finishes are the warm grain that is a little more difficult to zero, although wristband stripes are almost entirely impossible to avoid, even in genuine Rolex watches.

Sapphire with laser engraved Rolex crown
New High Quality Swiss Rolex replica watches have a very small laser engraved crown, almost imperceptible to the 6 o’clock position on the crystal. The convex shape or the crystal dome is obtained by grinding the upper and lower surfaces. After its corners were beveled, guaranteeing a neat fit with the case, the sapphire crystal is chemically polished on both sides.
It is then transferred to a sterilized laboratory where it is placed in an oven to receive the treatment glareproofing applied by means of an evaporation process under vacuum sophisticated. This is another feature that makes high quality Swiss made Rolex replicas the best in the word.