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But the good.
Quartz watches in the 1970s fake rolex watches for sale free shipping surging, in the watch industry set off a huge revolution, “founding” the impact of frequent movement, actually disappeared in the changing room.
Fortunately, the’ll find a watchmaker surviving blueprints, according to this blueprint, Zenith finally reproduce hosting the Games in 1984 to make “founding” movement!
Newborn three calendar “founding” movement to a brilliant debut shocked the entire watch industry.
While internal movement contains 354 precision parts, 41 screws and 31 stone, with unparalleled precision performance, and can be pressed with the magnetic field sudden attack.
In general, after the general assembly movement is completed, we need 10 different lubricant is at least 50 parts joints lubricated, and the three calendar “founding” movement plywood part you need to master only 38 components treated as such.

Look at its production process and time: three calendar “founding” Every mechanical movement are subject to 5-50 steps need 50 rolling gear machining programs on the dial, you need 77 rolls tooth machining program on plywood; If the production of a single movement, usually using at least 18 different metal materials, to mobilize replica rolex watches?at least 20 watchmakers, focus on this day after day, While this intricate three calendar “founding” consumed whole movement Zenith When watchmakers nine months to be considered success!
“Founding” movement in the watch industry limelight, but Zenith portrait interpretation is not over yet.
10 years later, another ultra-thin movement “Essence Elite” on again! The ultra-thin movement of 3.28 mm thickness, only the “founding” of the half, but at the moment, meaning thin refining, which means Fengrui.
Zenith numerous metal components in the geometry, the precision and fake rolex watches for sale?reliability invisible mosaic in, and follow the French for “the essence, the elite,” meaning the “Elite” word to name it.
“Essence” live up to expectations, glory in the first 10 years, “founding” after – won Baselworld “Best mechanical movement!”
Three dazzling works like a wonderful passionate movement three big, all the way elected as a recognized, for making precise “treasures” Zenith.
Slender tiny parts, chic form, there is no trace of polish, column wheel support center, a high level of lubrication technology, elegant and functional appearance of the fusion of several generations of master brainchild.
Yun Xuan combination of gears is always at its best, quite true when the system will never go to replica rolex watches for sale?define precise and reliable, cherish every time, keep time table fans will at first sight it was deeply moved.
In the world’s top watch, many brands are emphasizing their own history of how long and how well watchmaking skills, how stylish exterior design, followers how grace and elegance.
Compare with Panerai seems out of place: the birth year because it was unable to par with the brand family; because of military background, it missed the royal palace categorically; because simple eye-catching, it not take the world of fashion modeling.
If it can be placed under the background of the deep blue sea, I am afraid only navigation table’s first brand Athens can be compared with it.
Athens accompanied by numerous navigators passing storm, the achievements of the maritime history of the legendary timepiece, while in the 2490 Panerai </a> diving depth slightly better.
Coupled with the film star Sylvester Stallone’s wonderful interpretation, this robust diving flamboyant hero and making a lot of stunning male atmosphere.
After the first time in collaboration with the Italian Navy, Panerai accompany groups of warriors risk their lives in the two world wars.
During World War II, this glorious name appears once again concerned about military armaments.
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December 28, 1941, the Italian Navy sent six agents night dive, a successful surprise attack British naval fleet in Alexandria.
At the time, these agents of factors in addition to the victory secret warfare, the perfect accoutrements also played a significant role.
They dressed in black tights,fake rolex watches advanced equipment is advanced in the sea thanks to the two wrist, namely diving watch and compass.
According to the plan, the agents have to rely on the compass indicating the exact position, within a predetermined time British naval torpedo provided below, if the dive time is too long, oxygen bottle will be enough oxygen, so they need to be floating on the surface of time counted.
Now if the compass and dive watch any errors are likely to fall short.
However, two precision instrument did not make the Italian army disappointed, six agents in the specified location, specify the time successfully sneaked into the bottom of the British battleship, complete device detonated bombs also adjusted the time.
However, their luck did not last long, six agents when leaving exhaustively capture by the British patrol.