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Since 1888, Cartier Replica Watches China Cartier launched their own design watches, Louis is a talented designer of genius, he invented a superior magic charm clock, one of the most beautiful porch of six and twelve Chinese clock bell
Cartier Libre series filled with female style, elegant, exquisite, centrifugal separation, bead-type face plate deformation wells gate design, time is looming in the precious diamond coronet cage, sometimes like a sunrise dissipate dazzling, sometimes as the “Arabian Nights” was enchanted twisted Yi Yao wells gate, sometimes as if a romantic waltz uninhibited freedom sway between heaven and earth, the holy aristocratic elegance to show exhaustive.
Cartier also learn from nature abundant inspired blend of hollow sculpture, gold Crochet enamel, precious stones inlaid mosaic pattern, Jennifer wooden fretwork mosaic and other technology, drawn from mother of pearl, enamel, fur, straw, etc., to build a series of charming and glamorous work, bears, Cartier Replica Watches?turtles, leopard gecko, phoenix bird, monkey, polar bears, tigers, bees, ladybugs, anything can be art, the circular dial depicting Xu sculptures, such as health, let in Fuyangzhijian feel vibrant force, presenting to the world a dreamy animal kingdom.
See the first reverie Cartier diamond watch Lon Hatot series is a crocodile Arab royal harem, very noble lazily stroking cheetah wearing Fake Cartier?jewelry collar, sat swaying curtain in imperial style with innate pride entrenched in the pool looked fed shore bloodthirsty giant, colorful spot a false charge of exotic charm to release a strong attraction, the girl behind the veil of eyes, skin smooth and soft as if there is lovely glamorous touch This moment, the mysterious beauty of it can not help breathless, dreamy.
Design and innovation has been the 2181 Cartier </a> and enduring soul, its endless creativity and daring avant-garde style makes it a leader in the watch industry.
1904, Santos, Brazil Regal friend Louis Cartier Dumont disabilities can not easily read the time when the last flight to Paris complaining party.
All along, round watch again and again because of a symbol of all things, the eternal laws of the endless and highly respected, no one has ever dared to put forward different ideas on this profile.
Louis thought that nothing is ever static, after several days of brood, he designed a rectangular dial that revolutionary Santos flight watch, allowing the driver to flip your wrist when you fly freely determine the time, the move marks the modern wrist Table was born.
When Dumont broke the 22 seconds of flight 220 meters Fake Cartier Watches record down their “14 bis” number of aircraft, Santos watch fame suddenly become all chasing a moving target.
In 1917, affected by the new most powerful weapon in the First World War – France Lei Nuoke crawler strap, case on behalf of the main tank positions, smooth lines of the case, the perfect embedded between the lugs, and Roman numerals standard, minute track with blue steel hands, completely breaking the round watch rule, opening a new era square watch, known as the “watch history VIO (Very Important Object)”.
Cartier 100 years constantly on the watch more innovative, avant-garde design with simple and elegant style, original modern spirit through the time tunnel, and write a legendary treasure Cartier unceasing.
2192 brown belt Cartier tank watch 2013/12 / 3a47c.jpg
1919’s first Tank watch sold; 1922 draws architectural aesthetics of Replica Watches?traditional Chinese temple symmetrical shape Tank Chinoise watch with vertical structure of the case frame, the bottom of each door beams forming a typical structure, surrounded by a square center, balance and harmony; 1928 Tank

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