China Replica Rolex, Cartier, Omega is worthy of the king

This top ten brands,China Replica Rolex, Cartier, Omega is worthy of the king, the output can reach 500,000 level.
Rolex see this very powerful figure, my mind has surfaced repeatedly said the sentence: “Rolex is greater than production, prices could not sell his house; the price is higher than the Rolex, not sell his house production. ”
Rolex, but also because it’s a very magical one million production scale still maintain strong brand made for the author in mind the price competitiveness of departure from the industry, “the first brand.”
Cartier, Rolex behind this is a “phenomenon” class brand.
Cartier blue balloon, tanks, Santos and other classic styling series are very hot.
I believe that this is the time of middle-income people buy Replica Rolex?table generally recognized brand.
Each brand has its own unique style of representative products, modeling is generally high degree of recognition.
Core product lines are focused on fashion wear, diving and other areas of greater demand.
The focus of the product line is this third tranche of the difference between the brand and the former two tranches, the first two tranches will still prefer to showcase the brand or the fine grinding of the complex process of high-end products.
Average price between 8000-15000 brands, including: Montblanc, Breitling, Replica Rolex watches Bucherer, Hermes, TAG Heuer, Bell & Ross, Tudor, Oris, Longines 1120 </a>, celebrities.
Here the author, Mr. Linz offers Breitling brand with annual sales of cognitive author had a wide gap.
If the author prior to analysis (yield 250 000), then the average price of about Hoya equivalent of about 9,000 yuan.
Mr. Linz data analysis Hermes I also have reservations about (the average price seems to be around 20,000, sales should not be more than 50,000).
This level is an ordinary working-class shopping list of the key areas of consumption, there is no doubt of the Swatch Group, Longines and LVMH Group, TAG Heuer is the biggest market winner.
Another dimension is thinking, I always paranoid that one billion yuan of income is truly worthy of the name brands in the watch industry threshold.
At present, China’s King of the table, FIYTA other brands with annual sales amount has reached the level of 5-8 million.
Because the purchase price to the current media, a brand if it is not one billion yuan of income, there is not much ability to persistent branding and promotion.
So we look at a chart, statistics price between $ 1,000 -18,000 yuan, the sales amount of more than 10 million brand (also happens to ten …).
I personally feel in this price range, what is the price elasticity of demand for 3000 or 7000 in fact, the consumer is not great.
So in order to be able to earn an annual average price of 2000 yuan Tissot 6.9 billion yuan, of course, Fake Rolex China ?will be regarded as a strength of the brand.
A brand can be several billion dollars of revenue, in the subsequent maintenance of the product development and market revenue will be less than $ 1 billion higher brand stronger control force.
And love the table purchased by consumers, and its follow-up maintenance and response time of the wear, and even value preservation are clearly a great relationship with the brand’s overall investment capacity.
The above analysis of each file in order to maintain dozens of brands of “unity” and is very arbitrary.
After all, this is only a superficial understanding Bucai according to their own arrangement of a digital game made it, I hope you can get some Xinmingyanliang Tell me what useful information on their own in which the author misfortune.
This article is taken from “talk about well-known watch brand production and sales figures,” Benbow minor changes.