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As early as 1957, the Cartier Copy Watches for military divers have designed the first super marine Superocean, decades later, the company once again to launch a new innovative watchmaking Super Ocean series.
Watch the series rugged performance, that rugged stainless steel case, rubber die of stainless steel fluted bezel, and carefully press-fit dynamic numerals, one-way ratchet rotating bezel and a thick double-sided Anti-chord sapphire crystal, as well as super luminescent hands, screw-in crown, and equipped with internal self-winding mechanical movement, everywhere and fearless determination Breitling ocean swimming.
Especially the safety valve apparatus specially equipped, can effectively balance the case to withstand water pressure, even to use the depth of 1,500 meters under water is extremely safe and reliable.
From the sky into the ocean, Herbert Nite Qi created a miracle in the history of motion; from the blue of the sky into the sea of ??blue, Breitling will also extraordinary performance, top-of watchmaking with the perfect blend of innovative design aesthetics continue Super Ocean watches for the expansion member.
Now, watch the series has five models, namely 42 Super Ocean watch 44 Super Ocean watch, Super Ocean Chronograph II, Super Ocean World Time watches and Super Ocean Chronograph M2000.
They are like somewhere between humans and marine, sport and time among the blue elves, ready to discover, to explore uncharted waters below.
With many top brands, Breitling born in Switzerland Jura valley.
In 1884, Leon Breitling Shengyimiye Jura valley town built a production chronograph and science, chemical plants use precision counters.
Eight years later, he was back to the drawing watchmaking industry gradually developed into a colony, ordered factories to street here, the main production of pocket watches and other timers.
Leon Breitling very Chong Deguo “Father glider’s” Alto Lilienthal, achieve deep blue sky flying dream to conquer the indomitable final glorious deeds inspired by this person, he was determined to use a lilltle chronograph hands to express their Sky love.
In 1914, World War I, the world’s aviation industry began to fly over Europe in urgent need of a large number of arms supplies belligerent, Breitling live off war tremendous business opportunities, the army began production with the seconds and luminous watch.
At this time, Mr. Leon Breitling’s son Gaston Breitling took over the family Copy Watches?business, in the second year of the war developed the innovative world’s first one out independent timing button, making it a pioneer in the field of modern chronograph .
In 1923, Breitling has successfully developed the first zero function with chronograph and separate buttons watch, this major innovation makes piecewise continuous timing quickly and easily, immediately applied to the aviation industry.
Because the precise timing and reliable performance of new products, this watch is rapidly Replica Watches China?becoming the choice for pilots.
By the late 1920s, the extraordinarily rapid development of the aviation industry, the pilots flew more than 5,000 meters altitude overflights easily have been a cinch, there was also a record for the first time the British pilots flying across the Atlantic feat, breaking the aviation flight altitude and flight distance The dual recording.
Breitling then have utmost 35 years in the watch industry began to take off shoulder to shoulder with the world’s aviation industry.
In 1931, Breitling re-launch of the exclusive masterpiece – the world’s first specially designed for aircraft and automobile dashboards dashboard designed cockpit timer.
The product is robust construction, powerful movement, black dial with oversized white fluorescent scale, outer surface covered with a layer of lightweight aluminum housing.
It was that year became one of the company’s flagship product, in the Cartier Replica Watches?airline industry won an excellent reputation, make the brand legendary Breitling, many large companies such as Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed and other aircraft manufacturers to make is that it’s still loyal users.
A year later, Breitling family’s third generation descendant of Willie Breitling charge of the family business, under his leadership, the Breitling move into the new era of comprehensive development.
Willie strongly advocated the development of new products, the introduction of the internal configuration of two Division into a separate production from “HUIT AVIATION” department in 1934, the department has a rigorous testing laboratories to ensure that the instrument in a variety of temperatures and environments are timing precision and stable performance.
The “HUIT AVIATION” sector produced quickly by the instrumentation aviation professionals, especially the Air Force senior officers of all ages.
Mr. Lyons, founder of Breitling company now has overall operations to let go, but he never gave up on the dream of flying hearts.
In 1936, this brave old man driving the “Spirit of St. Louis” flew over the vast Atlantic Ocean.
The feat let Willy Breitling keenly aware of the huge demand for aviation precise Cartier Copy?timing, just before this year, the British Royal Air Force authorized Breitling designated supplier, specifically to provide military flight watch for the Air Force team.
Willy Breitling and on occasion, leading the company a step toward the direction of the aviation industry manufactured solidarity.
September 1941, Breitling’s new invention – “sliding scale rotating disk” successful trial, made a smooth Swiss Patent No. 217,012.
The invention is to revolutionize the watch function: if pilots wear this watch, not only can quickly and easily perform multiplication and division, metric conversion, etc., but also to calculate the plane took off and landing speed and time.
On the basis of this innovative invention, the Breitling company tested positive in the second year it launched the world’s first Cartier Replica Watches China flight as a pilot with a ring slider chronograph Chrononat.
This time, World War II was entering a stalemate moment, the Allies and the Axis bath equipment fighting in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa battlefield.
Army troops, ships armed forces, air force have the primary boot, second-generation fighter also arrayed in the air, launched a fierce air battle field.
Many people do not know, the Royal Air Force’s second-generation fighter almost all equipped with Breitling timer.
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Until the “war” ended, Breitling still firmly based aviation research and development related to timing products.

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