Cartier China Spirit Award for Best Female

July 2015 – Recently, the “Xilinx surging Cartier Replica China Women Entrepreneur Award” announced the 2015 annual list of finalists, from mainland China Chen Wen Italy (Jeni Saeyang) successfully nominated. This is the second Chinese player in 2011 received the award in the Asia-Pacific champion, China’s women entrepreneurs to qualify again. This “Xilinx surging Cartier Women Entrepreneur Award” Asia-Pacific region as well as a group of players from China Taiwan’s finals.

Xilinx surging Cartier Women Entrepreneur Award

This “Xilinx surging Cartier Women Entrepreneur Award” attracted more than 1,700 business projects from more than 100 countries and regions participating. Most of these commercial projects both promote local economic development, and to create positive social benefits. Chinese Chen Wen finalists Italy (Jeni Saeyang) founded supplies brands – Viagra Mo (Eco & More), based on the Chinese mainland, extracted from the plant and the production of biodegradable household and personal care products, in order to avoid chemical composition through the water drain pollution of natural water systems. The venture reflects the “Xilinx surging Cartier Women Entrepreneur Award” deep thinking on contemporary socio-economic and ecological balance, and thus to show the world the efforts and contributions of women to the future social development made.

Global “she Age” quietly coming

In recent years, female entrepreneurship has been around the world considered to be rid of women’s poverty, advancement of women, to ease the employment pressure, to achieve economic development and social progress in an important way. Governments very concerned about the development of women entrepreneurs, has taken different measures to promote female entrepreneurship.

According to “Xilinx surging Cartier Women Entrepreneur Award”?Cartier Replica China analysis of the data showed that compared to 2007 online registration of female entrepreneurs in 2015, the number of participants in the annual growth rate of 372.2 percent, their countries of origin is also an increase of approximately 47.1%. In addition, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor project (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, referred to as the GEM) also shows that 126 million women are created or run their own start-ups, 98 million women entrepreneurs in the business already established businesses. It is not difficult to see the world’s women entrepreneurs era is unannounced.

Generally, entrepreneurial motivation can be broadly divided into subsistence and? opportunistic, the former is forced to survive the pressure of the inevitable choice, which is to open up the cause and seek better opportunities. GEM research project report 2014 annual results, the proportion of female entrepreneurs in opportunistic been on the rise, which means that women entrepreneurs have contributed jobs and product innovation will burst into a huge growth potential. Study data also showed a year on the success of entrepreneurial women up to 90%, far more than the same period of male entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs have described certain advantages, such as strong risk aversion and prudent business operations decisions.

China’s vigorous development of female entrepreneurship

With the global boom, “she Age”, Chinese women entrepreneurs in the past 10 years, was also found in the rapid rise of the trend. By 2014, the proportion of Chinese women entrepreneurs has reached 14.18 percent, compared to 2005 increased by 22.24 percent, “Cartier Xilinx surging female entrepreneur award” data also confirmed this phenomenon, which in 2015 competed in China by the number even higher than 250% more than in 2013. Statistics show that Chinese women entrepreneurs in terms of the quality of the business model itself have a qualitative breakthrough, showing a good development trend.

Entrepreneurs tend to be younger: China’s women entrepreneurs from the early focus on the age group 40-50 years to 25-35-year-olds the main force of change, the average level of education has significantly increased, and slightly higher than male entrepreneurs By. These young entrepreneurs active in the body for the 80, but 90 also shares can not be ignored. The survey shows that 31.1 percent of respondents believe in the next 90 years with an entrepreneurial will, and fearless failed.

Lifestyle and ecological protection of EO: As most of the women showed a perceptual emotional thinking, mostly concentrated in the lifestyle of its business areas, not only have a strong cultural atmosphere, and is committed to enhancing the quality of life. 2015, “Cartier Xilinx surging female entrepreneur award” to declare the project from China, the data show that education has become the most talked about industry, which accounted for up to 22.75%, while accounting for 11.76% of the retail electricity business and life Supplies industry are followed. In addition, ecological protection is female entrepreneurship is a major source of power. 2011 Asia-Pacific region

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