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Rolex Daytona Automatic Full Rose Gold with Black Dial 18083

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rolex replica??is the world watches, the Greenwich Rolex Daytona Automatic ?standard time location.
Now not only are astronomers use GMT, it is in the newspapers also often this term.
We know the local time in all parts of the country.
If you are a serious matter internationally, with local time recording, you will feel inconvenient complicated. And the future is easy to mistake a long day.
Therefore, astronomers proposed acceptable to all and because a convenient method of recording, it is the local standard time of Greenwich.
GMT Standard Time: rolex?refers to the outskirts of London, the Royal Greenwich Observatory standard time, because the prime meridian is defined by where the warp.
Theoretically, noon Greenwich Mean Time refers to the time when the sun crosses the Greenwich meridian time.
Due to the speed of the Earth’s uneven motion in its elliptical orbit, and this time may be the actual difference between solar time and 16 minutes.
Earth’s daily rotation is somewhat irregular, but is slowly decelerating.
So, rolex replica watches?rolex replica watches?is no longer being used as the standard time.
Standard time now – Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) –replica watches? provided by atomic clocks.
Since February 5, 1924, the Greenwich Observatory issued an hour will be to the world every time transfer of information.
Since the origin of the Earth’s orbit is not circular, its speed and change with the distance between the Earth and the Sun changes, therefore, as the sun when the lack of uniformity.
Depending on the length of the solar day but also by the relative inclination of the orbital plane of the Earth’s rotation axis influence.
In order to correct the non-uniformity, astronomers calculated the Earth’s polar axis is inclined and non-circular trajectory depends on the effect of solar time.
Mean solar means apparent revised when the sun.
Mean solar time at the Greenwich meridian as the world when (UT0), also known as Greenwich Mean Time (fake rolex).
GMT GMT and GMT time relationship is the central time zone, Beijing in the East Area 8, a difference of eight hours, so time = GMT +8 hours GMT

Tuo Tuo, self-winding watch crescents pellet member, located behind the movement.
Balance through the movement of the wearer’s arm to make the mainspring tight.
Rolex 3135 movement Tuo role: to provide power for the movement by the wearer’s wrist watch watch movement driven movement, automatic pendulum Tuo under the action of gravity rotating movement to power within the movement.
Self-winding movement is the basic driving force of gravity, automatic pendulum Tuo own Fake Rolex weight so that it is stationary holding down the center of gravity, the movement is constrained inertia into rotational axis, automatic pendulum Tuo construction and raw materials for automatic Run efficacy chain plays a decisive role.
Tuo development: the idea early in the pocket began practice: the 18th century, Abraham-LouisPerrelet first successful design a mechanical device, as long as the table is moving, which means the pendulum-like weight on the hair of transmission power.
But the significance of the actual use of this device is relatively small: Because usually lying quietly watch people’s pockets, you can not get enough momentum.
Until the early twentieth century, watch the birth, circumstances change, in 1923 the British watchmakers JohnHarwood developed Rolls watch, this watch is automatically placed Tuo weight on the axis, running back and forth in the box to slide a given range as the watch spring.
Today, automatic movement through independent automatic pendulum Tuo operation – the vast majority of sheet metal processing into semi-circular -, usually mounted on the rear of the center bearing movement.
1931 Rolex (Rolex) founder HansWilsdorf the introduction of a central automatic pendulum Tuo watch, although automatic pendulum Tuo rotation in both directions, but only one way a wound.
In 1942, the production of the original cartridge assembly center Felsa launched automatically placed Tuo Bidynator, it can be two-way on a wound, it installed a switching drive mechanism, so that can be converted into a one-way bi-directional rotation of acting exercise.
“The larger the weight of the material itself, the more kinetic energy to bring”, rolex replica watches Z