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The famous “Armani?€ watches have used this waterproof?€ structure fake Cartier Price??.
Specifications General waterproof watch waterproof specification is divided into the following categories??: 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters?€, 300 meters, 500 meters.
30 meters: refers to the general living water is splashed droplets?? when washing hands, and when the rain drizzle falling, but attention can not be too long, can not be worn in the sauna.
50 meters: 30 meters and no difference can be ignored.
100 meters: you can take him wash??, shower, but not soaked in water.
300 meters: for swimming events, but only applicable to shallow swimming.
500 meters: This level can be submerged??, is about 200 meters?cartier replica watches , but do not do it according to a predetermined value, that is what you might watch could bear??, so do not use this method to test the performance table.
Watch into water treatment method: When the watch face water problems, the best watch shop and quickly?€ sent to the movement of oil washing or drying case handled by a professional chef, is best not to take out on their own when not in parts hair dryer, such a move not only did not help, but is easy?? to evaporate moisture remains inside the movement, the problem will become even more serious, there is this habit of friends to be careful of.

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Contact with the wrist watch?? worn watches bottom of the table when the table body part called the caseback.
Caseback purpose of stabilizing the movement??, dust, water and so on, the use of stainless steel.
Bottom of the table is divided into ordinary and through the end.
We watch through the end of the glass commonly used sapphire glass material.
It is assembled with the case in general, there are three ways: 1??, according to the cover: Direct work closely with (the water is poor) and the case.
Press the bottom of the table cover 2??, screw cap: Each rib case and the back cover and tighten (waterproof and strong).
Capping bottom of the table 3, the screw at the end: replica watches china?case and cover with screws (waterproof and strong).
Screw bottom of the table bottom of the table can be divided into categories according to Category?? 2: 1, close the bottom end of the table, which is not visible from the bottom of the table movement inside the bottom of the table?€.
Tight bottom?€ end of the table 2, through the end table at the end, also known as the back through ??the bottom of the table, that is, the movement can be observed through the bottom of the table inside the case, use a sapphire crystal glass to create a bottom of the table.
Through a bottom end

Watch Band is the watch industry on the effective?fake Cartier Price?? ?portion of the fixed wrist watch?€ collectively.
Strap classification precious material 1?€, platinum is a rare and expensive natural pure white metal, precious metal jewelry is one of the world’s rarest, the annual supply?€ of gold is only 5%, with almost twice the gold strength?€, rare than gold 30 times.
Platinum Jin Guangze white??, naturally pure, more than 90% purity, natural, often wear will not fade.
Pt900 represented 90%?? pure platinum jewelry, Pt950 represent 95% purity of platinum jewelery.
Audemars Piguet watch contemporary series 25984PT.OO.1138PT.01 platinum bracelet 2, K?? K gold means gold and other alloy metals are mixed together, because English is the KaratGold, so referred to as K gold.
Precious metal parts, gold is 24K, but not suitable for the production of gold is too soft watches, must be mixed with other metals to strengthen the hardness, generally silver, copper and palladium-based, but no matter what kind of mixed metal, the ratio of gold account for 75% .
As the proportion of gold, silver and copper level, can produce five different color material, respectively, N to represent the high and low copper content, such as the fake cartier price copper content of the highest in 5N?? red gold, said while platinum correct to say that white K gold.
Rolex Day-Date II series 218 238?? gold plate 18K gold bracelet watch?€ 3, among each other with the use of gold from steel and 18K gold or rose gold, presents a unique two-tone beauty.
Inter wave ???series L2.753.5.72.7 watch gold bracelet 4 gold The case is not as precious metals, outsourcing a layer of gold alloy, the mechanical rolling as a whole, its thickness in microns as the unit of measurement, 1 micron is 1/1000 mm.
Up to 10 to 15 microns thick, typically only 2-3 microns.
5 ,, is the modern gold-plated ?€gold-plated watch case common method of decoration??, gilt technical rise in the seventies, because?? the plating is even and firm cost less than gold and is easy to fall off, nor wrought yellow shell color, rust may, so gold will soon be eliminated from the market.
Plum COSMOKING Series 787G-306?? replica watches?gold-plated bracelet watch 6, aspects of silver purity silver, 925?€ is not the highest purity of silver! You can instantly see domestic price of silver, respectively 99.99%, 99.95%, 99.90%, all three transactions purity, these three are too soft, not suitable for jewelry, generally?? made of 92.5% of the most appropriate jewelry (hardness, ductility etc.), so 925 is also called sterling silver.
But not really silver.
“Silver is an old noble metal, the material before the eighteenth century and watch the most used, the purity of 925?? representatives of silver is the highest purity of silver (not the highest purity, it is common for 925-jewelry, 975- – Suitable for tableware, 990, there are more pure – court Note).